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About Me!

I've been working on the...
Web for over a Decade.

Have I seen you here before?
the end.

I began playing around on the web in the early days of AOL and local dial-up connections when I was 13. After we ditched AOL, our local provider offered a tiny bit of space for their customers to put up their own web pages. Coming from making crude games on hypercard I jumped at this opportunity to share my works with the world. From there my inception into the web took off. I created a site for a local magazine and would later go to college and bury myself in Flash where I began to make a career of it. I moved onto jquery a year or so ago after the Flash backlash and have been exploring its capabilities ever since.

Currently I'm looking to expand my freelance presence in my local market. I continue to work with clients in Philadelphia, New York and Syracuse. In the ever changing web world it helps to have an eclectic mix of clients to keep me fresh on my approach to each challenge.

To learn more about me join me, on Google + or Linkedin and if you have time check out my .info site for more information. You can also visit my alter-ego for what I'm into at any given moment and general blogging enjoyment.