I've had a rich and colorful
Carrer in Web.

I've worked with and for several...
Different types of folks.

Have I seen you here before?
the end.

I began my web design career working for an independent magazine owner durning high school. The owner was very eccentric but encouraged me to take over his web sites and present him with new ideas and new ways of displaying the magazine as well as his music catalog. Later when I moved to Philadelphia I linked up with the designer at 101 Virtual and began a long and continuing freelance relationship. Through 101 Virtual I took an internship at Baum Print working in an environment of white-collars and strict dead lines.

Once I was out of school, I began working on-site for a small video production house looking to expand into the web. I worked directly with their art director to develop emailers, web registration forms and informative web sites and flash applications pertaining to the pharma industry.

When prospects dried up in Philadelphia, I moved back to my roots in up state New York and began cultivating a clientele of small businesses and individuals and an animation company in Syracuse. I've been freelancing here for the last three years while continuing my relationships with the Philadelphia based companies of 101 Virtual and Ink-it Digital.

My varied work experiences have seen me working side-by-side with artists, actors, business executives, small business owners and accomplished designers. I've learned to work with all types and provide working relationships that foster continued innovation and quality production.